Olive Package$109

Per Package Duration : 365 days

Total Listings : unlimited

  • icon-check Annual fee $109 per listing (which works out at just over $9 per month)
  • icon-check This includes advertising on the website with eight of your own pictures.
  • icon-check All pictures for the website must be high quality.

Emerald Package$199

Per Listing Duration : 30/365 days

  • icon-check Only $22 per month. With month by month there is no lock-in contract we just need 28 days' notice to cancel subscription.
  • icon-check The Emerald package includes advertising on our website with 10 pictures, one story and post every second month about your business across our social media platforms which you write yourself. We will also add links to your social media pages.
  • icon-check For all stories and posts on social media you must have different pictures each month.
  • icon-check Each story pic has a 15-word limit. Each post can have up to four pictures and has a 1700 character limit (Unfortunately Instagram has a character limit!). All pictures must be square in shape for posts.