Conscious Events Direct story

Hello lovelies,

My name is Niamh Sweeney and I am the founder of Conscious Events Direct.

This is an online directory for conscious-minded individuals who want to organise parties/events here in WA but in a more sustainable, eco-friendly or health-conscious way.

I have always tried to live an environmentally-friendly lifestyle as much as I can and I am also quite a health-conscious person.

At Conscious Events Direct we want you to be able to organise any party/event needed from hen weekends to baby blessings to corporate lunches and everything in-between.

We aim to have everything you need from set-up to pack-down and everything in between (including gifts and alternative activities) to organise these events guilt-free and with the convenience of it all under the one roof.

I am grateful that I get to become part of your conscious journey all while supporting local businesses here in WA.

This directory came about when myself and my partner organised a music event in 2021 for 250 people and realised just how inconvenient and time consuming it was to find sustainable and eco-friendly options for our set-up.

It was really off-putting even for me. I could see why busy people (aren’t we all!) would just opt for buying cheap disposable options from local shops.

This got me researching and I was shocked to find that there were no one-stop platforms for organising events/parties the more sustainable, eco-friendly and health-conscious way in WA and so Conscious Events Direct was born!!

All of our products and services are either low-tox, low waste, eco-friendly, sustainable or healthier versions and all from WA wherever possible, but we understand that there may be some aspects to organising an event/party that cannot fall under these categories and so we try to support businesses in these areas that are owned by people who have a more ethical and environmentally conscious lifestyle in general so as to lower our carbon footprint wherever possible.